Do Lower Testosterone Levels Lead To Gum Infections?

Do Lower Testosterone Levels Lead To Gum Infections?

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Once the scourge of sailors discovering the new world, gum infections are still rife in people even today.

However, new research has brought to light an association of chronic periodontitis and low levels of testosterone.

Researcher’s were keen to find more information and used several databases to cross examine relevant studies.

Each study was different, the range of subjects varying from 15 year old to those up to 95 years of age, from a collective of 24 subjects up to nearly 2000 and testosterone levels gathered in serum to saliva while notwithstanding gingiva (your gums).

As a result mixed results maybe unsurprisingly prevailed, unlike a study in macaques which indicates poor oral health with those males who are castrated.

Of the several studies, 4 of which illustrated no correlation between gum infections and low testosterone, yet 2 of the studies did have a positive correlation with gum infection and low levels of testosterone.

1 particular study did show a significant relationship between periodonititis and low levels of testosterone which led the team of researchers to state that further studies and trials are warranted to identify a clear answer.

Even though there is no definitive study yet, it does suggest that a normal and high level of testosterone is a key marker of optimal health with the benefits reaching farther than just bigger muscles, strength and lowering cholesterol levels.

In fact, aside from the health benefits, a recent article of ours also noted that exposure to increased levels of testosterone in the womb led to a higher chance of the child becoming an entrepreneur. How many high flying entrepreneur’s do you see with poor teeth?

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