Improve Overall Cognitive Health With Just 1 Exercise Session

Improve Overall Cognitive Health With Just 1 Exercise Session

Just 1 session of exercise can benefit mental health and function according to investigative studies by the Center for Neural Science, New York University, US.

Just one bout of exercise can help and significantly improve your behavioral and cognitive effects.

Researchers discovered that bouts of acute exercise demonstrated a wide and varying range of changes to the brain.

They researched data from studies performed on neurophysiological and neurochemical studies in humans as well as animals too.

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It is no secret that the studies and effects of exercise to do with mood, attention, memory, reaction plus a number of other benefits are currently of great interest to researchers.

This understanding of just a single session of exercise can help us understand what regular and consistent exercise can beneficially provide over a longer time frame for select brain circuits.

The lead researcher, Wendy A. Suzuki of the Center for Neural Science, New York University exclaims that exercise is a hot topic for trying to address everything from cognitive impairment, the effects of depression to the motor deficits experienced with Parkinson’s disease.

The studies utilized brain imaging plus electrophysiological as well as neurochemical studies to investigate cognitive, neurophysiological and neurochemical effects from just a single session of exercise in both humans and animals.

There’s no mistaking how good one feels after a training session or playing sport. I prefer to cycle to work each morning because of how it makes me feel when compared to arriving after sitting in my car for an hour.

Exercise is free and will provide much longer benefits to your mental, cardiovascular and physical well being than any drug can.

If you are finding it difficult to be motivated, feeling of depression or even a ‘cloudy’ head try a form of exercise and see how you feel afterwards.

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