What’s The Hype Around The SARM Ostarine?

What’s The Hype Around The SARM Ostarine?

What is Ostarine?

You may or may not of heard of a relatively new drug/supplement to the fitness scene called Ostarine.

If you have not heard of Ostarine specifically it is more likely that you will have heard of SARMs.

Ostarine is part of the SARM family, a number of drugs under continuous research and investigation which stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. Recently there have been cases of Olympic weightlifters testing positive for Ostarine as have other athletes in other sporting arenas.

So what are they? What is the fuss?

I can tell you from my own experience, and I will do later on. For now, these drugs have been developed to treat people who are experiencing bone and muscle wastage from complications and disease.

They have been developed to provide similar effects of anabolic steroids but with lower side effects and therefore be able to be used more frequently with less risk yet still creating the anabolic effect.

They are taken orally and do not harm the liver like oral anabolic steroids can over a prolonged period.

Sounds perfect.

They are actually prescribed to people with diseases which causes bone and muscle waste or the elderly.

Are SARMs banned?

In fact, due to this the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) banned the supplements in 2008 which was even preempting their release to the market.

However, a mere 5 years later the first athlete was caught using them. A cyclist by the name of Nikita Novikov tested positive and will be forever edged in to the history books.
Yet, year on year the number of athletes testing positive keeps rising.

With the rise of CrossFit and the money involved it will come as no surprise to learn that an athlete tested positive in 2015 and therefore suspended after it was claimed his supplement was contaminated with the SARM, Ostarine.

Even more recently, a weightlifter has been suspended for 8 years after testing twice for Ostarine.

Easy to obtain?

As with anything, if there is a market it can be obtainable. Legal status varies from country to country, even so, if you want it, it is there.

It is illegal in the US but a quick search of the internet will provide many different outlets exclaiming the virtues of this wonder drug.

In the UK for instance, as with prohormones, regardless of their anabolic effect they can be bought readily and legally.

It isn’t quite as such a grey area as steroids are for instance in the UK. Whereby, steroids are illegal to sell but not illegal to use or be in possession.


Hell yeah! Who doesn’t want the benefits of anabolics without the sides?

Bodybuilding being the way it is many people are willing to try and investigate the effectiveness of many drugs to see if it will provide an edge, regardless of legal status.

The idea that SARMs can increase muscular size and increase bone growth without harming organs such as the kidneys and liver is a key driver to users.


I have tried Ostarine myself, I bought it online with no worries from what seems to be a popular online sore for prohormones and SARMs, the reviews seemed to be positive so I bought a course and took them with vigor.

Yet, I felt nor noticed any positive differences. Nothing at all, this wasn’t like when I took Epistane and noticed after 2 weeks large increases in strength and size.

Then, if I drank alcohol, no matter how much or how little I would be puking the next morning, regardless.

I never experienced this while using Epistane.

Therefore for me, it did nothing positive for me and I personally would not try it again.

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