HUNTER TEST Supplement Review

HUNTER TEST Supplement Review

Towards the end of 2018 I thought I had exhausted the testosterone booster market, however, HUNTER TEST was released and it changed the way in which testosterone boosters perform.

LAST UPDATED: May 2019 by Ben.


Hunter Test: Big Price…Big Impact!

Okay, this is a premium product.

The matt black and soft touch bottle gives us a positive first impression.

Even their website has images of successful, yet healthy and fit looking men who are clearly out of their thirties and have reached a point whereby disposable income is high.

This is a product aimed at older men, not just because they may have the disposable income to buy a high quality product but also because testosterone levels decrease from the age of about 35 by 1% per year. [1]

These are men who are most likely to be suffering from a decline of natural testosterone.

The label and packaging is simple, minimal yet still eye catching.

There’s no flashy gimmicks here. No images of animals or mutant bodybuilders staring you down while you glance at the ingredient profile.

I love the feel of the bottle, and it is quite large, too. This is because you get a lot of pills for your money, and, fortunately this means big doses.

Hunter Test bottles

Who’s behind Hunter?

Hunter belongs to the same group as TestoFuel.

Now, TestoFuel is one of our favorite testosterone boosters to date. Many have come close to beating it or even leveling with it (Military Muscle has), but the value and quality offered ensures it maintains a solid position.

Not only that, the ingredients included in TestoFuel are backed by independent studies. Plus, I have found it works very well for myself.

The guys behind TestoFuel and Hunter Test are Roar Ambition.

I contacted them personally to understand the thinking behind the Hunter brand.

This is because Hunter is a brand in itself which offers three products, not only do they offer a test booster but a fat burner and a nootropic product.

All follow the brand ethos and design architecture.

Roar Ambition told me that their mission behind the Hunter brand was to create supplements that had optimal doses of well researched and proven ingredients that are of the highest quality.

Obviously quality comes at a price, and these products look to be at the top of the pile.

So what makes HUNTER different?

Products usually have a unique selling point, unless that is you look through Amazon and find that many testosterone boosters share the exact same nutrient profile but just have a different label.

So, how does this test booster from Hunter differentiate itself from a crowded market place?

Okay, the product looks good for a start. However, it is what’s inside that counts.

This is a supplement that contains 9 ingredients with studies referenced to demonstrate their benefits.

Now, that is not particularly unique to Hunter but it is the doses which set this apart from the competition.

Each ingredient has an optimal dose and there are 6 capsules per day to take. This ensures your body has a supply of the ingredients to work with throughout the day.

The latter point is particularly important and often doesn’t receive the attention it deserves.

If you take all of the supplement capsules in one sitting it will flood your body with nutrients.

This will be good initially, however, the body will only take from that dose what it needs and is deficient in.

If your body at that particular time doesn’t need all of the nutrients it will excrete them through urine so they’re wasted.

This is particularly true for B vitamins which are water-soluble so they cannot be stored. [2]

Having multiple doses throughout the day decreases the chance of wasting the nutrients and ensures that your body has constant supply to work with.

Doses of each individual ingredient are also important.

There can be too much of a good thing…

It has been noted in at least 1 study that too much of the amino acid D-Aspartic Acid can even have a negative effect on testosterone levels. [3]

Whereas alternative studies have demonstrated that it has increased testosterone levels, particularly for infertile men at lower doses between 2.6 and 3g. [4]

HUNTER TEST Video Review

Let’s look at the ingredients

Hunter Test Ingredients

I have been researching supplements and their nutrient profile for a while now, and I am pleased with this selection of ingredients.

Here is why…

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is known as the sunshine vitamin. That is because when our skin is exposed to sunshine the rays hit our skin and when absorbed it is converted to a vitamin.

Without enough vitamin D we can suffer a number of health problems such as rickets but also it has been speculated that there is a connection with cardiovascular disease and depression.

Vitamin D also helps the body absorb and regulate calcium plus phosphate. [5]

However, if you live in a country with little sunlight or you stay indoors for the majority of your time you can risk a vitamin D deficiency.

Additionally, if you live in a very hot country with plenty of sunshine you may wish to stay out of the potentially harmful rays, so again, limiting your exposure to sunlight.

However, there’s also a host of different variables that can influence the levels of vitamin D in a population and they include:

  • Skin color
  • Age
  • Fat mass
  • Current health

As a result, many regions have populations that suffer from insufficient levels of D3. [6]

There is hope though, certain foods include vitamin D such as

  • red meat
  • oily fish
  • eggs

The problem is these foods contain low amounts, so you will have to eat quite a lot of them.

Importantly, it has been demonstrated that supplementation of over 3000iu daily of D3 increased testosterone levels in men. [7]

So, supplementing with D3 is advised, particularly by some government bodies. [8]

You can read a bit more about why you should have a high level of D3, here.

Vitamin K2

We have already research K2 in the past, more of which you can read about here.

Our research discovered that in a nutshell K2 can help improve bone and cardiovascular health.

Further analysis of studies also suggests that K2 may have a role in cancer and even diabetes treatment. [9]

So, already we can see that vitamin K2 is a good vitamin to have onboard and can be found in foods such as cheeses, eggs, and meats.

Tests on rats demonstrated that K2 was able to increase testosterone levels by a significant margin while preventing the reduction of testosterone. [10]


Magnesium is a mineral that is largely found in your bone composition. However, it is also found in muscle, blood, and other tissues.

Being so abundant, it will come as no surprise to learn how beneficial magnesium is to health and that we need to consume it.

Even though magnesium is part of the very make-up of our bodies, it has been discovered that magnesium can help in the following areas according to Medical Center University of Kansas [11]:

  • Lower diabetes risk
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduce migraine symptoms
  • Help with depression and anxiety

There’s also a number of other benefits which include treating muscle cramps.

It is clear, that according to the research available that magnesium is a vital nutrient for our health. So much so that we did further research which is available to read, here.

In terms of testosterone and its viability being present in this supplement, there is evidence that magnesium along with zinc and B6 improved the testosterone levels of athletes when compared to a placebo. [12]

In addition, further studies have demonstrated that magnesium supplementation increased total and free levels of testosterone. [13]


Zinc has already been mentioned, that is because in trials whereby athletes were supplemented zinc with magnesium and B6 there was an increase of testosterone.

Therefore, we already know it is a great element to help increase hormone levels – plus there’s more information here.

However, did you know that this metal (yes metal, just like magnesium) can help with wound healing, prevent illness such as the common cold, reduce the effects of diarrhea and slow down the effects of vision loss? [14]

Unfortunately, while we can get zinc through a good diet, particularly if you are a fan of oysters, many people in the world are deficient of zinc.

Men who are suffering from a zinc deficiency are subject to low levels of testosterone, [15] Furthermore, it has been discovered that the prostate gland contains quite a large concentration of zinc. [16]

The prostate, of course, helps produce semen and testosterone is also converted into dihydrotestosterone which is biologically active. [17]

D-Aspartic Acid (DAA)

D-Aspartic Acid is an amino acid that has been proven in studies to heighten testosterone levels.

However, further research has demonstrated that it can be dose sensitive and is only effective for men who are not ‘trained’.

So, what does this mean for us?

It seems if you are a trained male, so you already workout, d-Aspartic acid will have little, to no real effect on your testosterone levels. [18]

Additionally, if you have a high daily dose of around 6g, it can actually decrease test levels. [19]

Okay, this isn’t sounding too promising…

As ever, there is more to this than meets the eye.

For the majority, it seems that DAA can temporarily increase test levels significantly for a period of 6-12 days.

Then, for healthy males, their testosterone levels return to the baseline, but it has a greater effect on those men who are infertile. [20] [21]

Continuing with the fertility theme, DAA increased sperm quality and fertility rates in males [22] but also has a positive connection with female fertility. [23]

There’s more about DAA over here.

Panax Ginseng

Immediately when I see an ingredient such as a herbal remedy or bark of a tree I immediately become skeptical.

The thought of herbal remedies that have been used for centuries to cure ailments does not always stack up with modern science.

That said, Panax ginseng does have quite a bit of backing from numerous studies outlining its health benefits, more of which can be accessed here.

Notably its effects on erectile dysfunction, infertility, and testosterone. [24] [25]

These studies have since then been further light shred regarding Panax ginseng and its effect of libido which is strongly linked to testosterone. [26]

Yet, ginseng’s benefits stretch further than this…

There’s strong supporting evidence that demonstrates Panax ginseng’s immunity effects, with reference to anti-cancer and chemopreventive effects. [27]


It has been documented that high levels of stress, be it physical or psychological have a strong relationship with subnormal levels of testosterone. [28]

I mention this because stress and increased cortisol levels are especially damaging to testosterone production and my research into ashwagandha yields some promising results.

Studies are suggesting that ashwagandha provides a resistance to all stresses, as such this can potentially help prevent low testosterone. [29]

Now, one could say that I am just arguing a link between two different studies. However, I am myself a critic.

So, I found another study that demonstrated that strongly suggests the use of ashwagandha as a treatment to increase fertility, sperm volume and testosterone with evidence of improving the well being of users. [30]


Indole-3-carbinol is a product of a compound that is found in vegetables such as broccoli or cauliflower.

Much of the research and study surrounding I3C has been to do with the potential role is can have to treat breast cancer.

That is because, in a nutshell, prolonged exposure to estrogens seem to have their hand in the development of cancer. [31]

It has been suggested that due to preliminary studies, I3C could play a role in preventing hormone-dependent cancers because of its positive anti-estrogenic effects. [32]

There’s also evidence that I3C inhibits the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. This then would protect your testosterone levels from aromatization. [33]


What do we know about boron?

Well, it is an element that you have most likely never heard of, however, it has been argued that without boron, we may not have the evolution of life as we know it. Yes, it is that important!

However, there’s a little more information regarding boron and its effects on testosterone which is proving quite interesting, albeit only a few numbers of studies are available..

In essence, free and total testosterone appears to be increased with boron supplementation at doses of 10mg daily. [34]

Interestingly, boron had a positive effect on testosterone and estrogen in post-menopausal women. [35]

So, overall, what is my thoughts on boron?

I would say it is clear that more research is required, but at doses of 10mg there seem to be some interesting results that are worth pursuing.

In the same breath, I am quite surprised there hasn’t been further research documented regarding boron.
Hunter Test


How to take Hunter Test

Hunter Test provides the user with 180 capsules per month. That’s a pretty big dose!

This equates to 6 capsules daily.

In turn, that is 3840.275mg. This is where your money is going, that is a large daily dose.

However, this is necessary.

Let’s consider that the most effective dose of DAA is around the 3000mg level, and as we have just discussed, boron appears to be at its most beneficial at the 10mg point.

Therefore, if this product had all of the above ingredients, but at a much lower dose, it just would not be effective.

It is also key to acknowledge that the ingredients profile is transparent and not hidden within a proprietary blend.

Where to buy & price

Ultimately this is where things get a little interesting.

Due to the mass of ingredients and the development costs involved this is not the cheapest product on the market, however, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t offer great value.

A single bottle is $75 or £55.

There are better deals though if you buy more bottles at once the unit price drops.

And, you can buy 4 bottles $56 or £41 per unit which is amazing value.

You can buy in Euros, $AUS and $CAN as well as PayPal and Amazon Pay.

You can only buy it from the company’s website.


Just to pick up on the last point; it is key to understanding and knowing what is in the supplement you are taking.

There are lots of supplements whereby the actual ingredients and the amounts included of each are not disclosed.

To add to this, a proprietary blend can consist of mainly bulking agent, provided there is a trace of an ingredient it can be included on the nutrient profile.

However, in terms of the nutrient profile, Hunter Test shines brightly.

Hunter includes a total of 9 ingredients, and they all have evidence to support their effectiveness at helping your body to increase its natural production of testosterone.

There’s also evidence that some could improve male fertility and inhibit estrogen levels in your system while an ingredient such as ashwagandha can help reduce stress, and, high levels of stress have a negative effect on your hormone production.

Furthermore, Hunter has selected ingredients with additional implied health benefits that would normally only be possible by having an extremely varied diet that cannot always be maintained.

Or, in the case of vitamin D3, this supplement will provide you with ample D3 that you may not normally get from sun exposure due to circumstances such as working/living environments or skin pigmentation.

Considering the amounts of each ingredient, and how much it would cost in foods to ensure that you were getting the equivalent amounts daily, this doesn’t look too expensive, particularly if you take advantage of the multi-buy deals.


This isn’t suitable for vegetarians I am afraid, as it has a gelatin capsule.

In addition, you would get the most benefit from this if you were infertile as a couple of the ingredients are at their most effective and have demonstrated the best results for infertile subjects.

The high daily pill count could become somewhat tiresome, too.

While it is excellent that we can steadily drip feed our body with these nutrients, for some, 6 pills could become a chore.

In addition, the user must maintain the strict discipline to not do what many people think they should do and start doubling the dose.

Because, once you start increasing the doses of DAA, it has been documented to have a negative effect on testosterone levels.

One could argue that only being able to buy this product online is inconvenient, however, this is direct from the company. This means you know the product is going to be genuine and no counterfeit.

Delivery is quick and free plus the HUNTER website has numerous payment methods meaning the order process is easy.

Hunter Test Side Effects

One of the main concerns that we established at the beginning of this review was that there’s very little regulation when it comes to supplements.

In fact, unless there’s been a death or a serious health concern, many products can be released and sold with little hindrance.

This is why it is so important to only use a supplement that does not conceal its nutrient profile behind a proprietary blend.

So, immediately we can see here that Hunter Test employs a transparency policy which is great for customer trust.

However, more importantly, we can dissect and investigate each ingredient to see whether there are any plausible (i.e major or consistent) safety issues.

Let’s take a look at any potential worries…

  • K2 – High doses of K2 when injected could cause cardiovascular issues, this is because K2 can help with blood clotting which is great for healing wounds but if the blood becomes too thick it will place pressure on the cardiovascular system.

However, there is no concern over oral doses.

  • Magnesium – Extremely high doses of magnesium (1000mg) can cause diarrhea.
  •  Boron – There’s no scientific proof behind this theory, but it has been noted that human death could occur if you have extremely high daily doses of boron.

This is regarding doses of 15000mg.

Hunter Test Conclusion

 PROS – An excellent nutrient profile with evidence supporting their effectiveness.

 CONS – Some ingredients are extremely dose sensitive, others are more effective if you are infertile

Okay, our initial thoughts were that this testosterone booster from Hunter was expensive.

And, in comparison to some other products on the markets, it isn’t the cheapest.

However, while there is a premium package, that package extends past the bottle and sits very firmly within the nutrients chosen.

This is not a case of form over function at all. The premium pricing is a reflection of the doses and the ingredients included.

Any safety concerns can be swept away as they would not be warranted in these oral measures.

However, what does come with this supplement is a wide range of studies providing clinical evidence that each ingredient has the capacity to assist your hormonal development.

And, personally I felt great.


Hunter Test vs Military Muscle

Hunter Test has been on the market for a couple of years now and stands alongside Hunter Burn and Hunter Focus within the same brand.

This brings a full complement of supplements to the table which can enhance your performance and help you achieve your goals on and off the field.

Military Muscle, on the other hand, is new to the market in 2019 and has hit it all guns blazing, pardon the pun.

Purely focused on nothing else, Military Muscle has one goal: improving your overall performance.

The team behind Military Muscle has a military background, as such this testosterone booster has been rigorously tested by military and athletes.

Interestingly both products pack a punch with 6 capsules daily and a high dose.

Military Muscle

Lots of new products are released on to the market, but many go unnoticed due to poor nutrient profiles that are clones of each other.

That is not the case with Military Muscle which has been in development for over 3 years and tested by military personnel to ensure it helps improve your physical and mental performance.

Each ingredient is included based on scientific evidence with clinically proven doses to ensure you get the best effects.

It doesn’t matter if you want bigger muscles or to hit a new marathon PB, Military Muscle has been developed to work alongside your regime.

Take a look at the extensive ingredient profile on their website.


Military Muscle is packed with 11 natural, and legal ingredients with plenty of scientific evidence proving their effectiveness.

Each ingredient contributes to overall performance. They help with testosterone, strength, recovery, and libido.

There’s no proprietary blend and each daily dose is 3850mg! Higher than even Hunter Test.

Each capsule is transparent as well so there’s no dye or additives to pose toxicity risk. [36]


Military Muscle is breaking boundaries, it is proving itself as the number 1 test booster on the market combining different ingredients to support your training.

Proven by athletes and soldiers, now there’s customers from all over the world writing testimonials.

This leads us to the point that there’s free global shipping with every order and the option for priority shipping.

Furthermore, Military Muscle offers more value by costing just $65 which is very competitive.

Hunter Test

As we know, Hunter Test is a remarkable product. It looks great and has a very good nutrient profile.

The dose is high as well, making it very competitive with Military Muscle…but it also comes with a high price being $75

Yet there’s a couple of ingredient discrepancies such as the dose of Ashwagandha.

Research has proven that the best effects of Ashwagandha come from doses of 600mg and Hunter Test only provides 100mg…far short of what Military Muscle provides.

Let’s not forget that Hunter Test only has 9 ingredients against the 11 from military Muscle.

However, the target market seems to be the more mature man looking to up their game on the squash court and boardroom.

Hunter Test vs TestoFuel

These are two fantastic and high performing supplements that will help you get the most from your fitness goals.

However, let’s compare the two to see which one is the best for you to buy.

Naturally many people will buy based on cost or brand.

In this respect TestoFuel takes the lead because it has been around for a few years and therefore more established, it is quite a bit cheaper, too.

Yet, that should not let you overlook Hunter Test because, while it is new to the market and yet to establish a foothold, it is packed with much higher doses that reflect its premium positioning.

So let’s see where and how they differ…

My Hunter Test vs TestoFuel Review


This testosterone booster was devised and formulated for those who want to build more muscle in the gym.

It serves other purposes, too, for example, it can also help older guys retain their vitality.

However, that bright colored packaging and that nutrient profile are targeting the man (or woman) that wants to physically exceed.

That’s why when you head over to their website there’s lots of information about how to increase testosterone and your muscles.

The infamous ‘Golden Era’ Robbie Robinson who is 6x Mr. Olympia winner, as well as Mr. Universe, is also featured on their site along with multiple testimonials from satisfied customers.


It is the ingredient profile that makes TestoFuel so successful.

The formula has never changed, even if the branding and packaging have done slightly in the past.

There are 9 nutrients included that all have scientific evidence supporting their effects on contributing towards healthy and increased levels of natural testosterone.

Not one ingredient doesn’t have a positive impact, in addition, there’s 3000mg per daily dose split over 4 capsules.

It is also important to mention that there isn’t a proprietary blend, either.


This is a time tested testosterone booster packed with scientifically proven ingredients that support muscle growth.

This is then further supported by the large number of testimonials and good reviews from customers.

It also has a much higher dose than many other testosterone boosters that are on the market.

Hunter Test

Hunter Test and TestoFuel look very different from each other. Not that this is a bad thing, far from it.

Whereas TestoFuel does have perhaps a younger appeal, Hunter Test is more subtle, a little more subdued and dare I say mature

And, when we look at the price difference, it is clear that Hunter Test is aimed at a market with potentially a little more disposable income available to drop on this product and the other Hunter range of supplements.

Hunter Test includes an equal number of ingredients but in higher doses than even what TestoFuel provides.

The packaging is sublime with a neat design and soft to the touch. Something that would compliment a very expensive overnight bag.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients and see where these two testosterone boosters differ.


As with TestoFuel, Hunter Test has a substantial nutrient profile.

And again, just like TestoFuel, these ingredients are supported with numerous studies that can prove how they are beneficial to improving natural levels of testosterone.

However, Hunter Test has decided to suppress estrogen levels by including Indole-3-Carbinol, reduce inflammation with Boron and include Ashwagandha which benefits the user massively on various levels.

Ashwagandha can increase testosterone, without a doubt. But it also improves other areas of health such as:

  • Sperm count
  • VO2 Max
  • Power output
  • Well being
  • Social function
  • Motivation
  • Reduces anxiety

However, what separates Hunter Test from TestoFuel and many other competitors is this massive daily dose of nearly 4000mg over 6 capsules.


When we analyze this complete nutrient profile and the type of a person it is aimed at, we can understand the key differences.

Looking at the Hunter website we can see guys who look to be a bit older and while not necessarily looking to be the biggest guy in the gym, but they are looking to excel in other areas; such as business, relationships and adventure.

This is where the included nutrients can improve fertility, confidence, well being and physical performance. This is where it counts.

Obviously a healthy level of natural testosterone contributes to all of this as well.

However, being in my mid-thirties now, I can relate.

While I want to still maintain a strong physique, I am not concerned by trying to be the strongest or biggest guy out there. I have mellowed.

However, I am now more concerned about my overall fitness, including my overall physical abilities so I can do adventure training, go running or cycling.

Not to mention succeed in business. There comes a point in your life whereby you either want to knuckle down and progress in that career path you have forged or take the plunge and try something for yourself.

And, you want the best support you can buy.

Hunter Test vs TestoFuel vs Military Muscle Conclusion

Both of these products are great at stimulating natural testosterone secretion.

However, choosing depends on a number of factors and particularly what you are looking to achieve.


If you are looking to increase your testosterone and build muscle, TestoFuel is the natural choice.

It is rammed with ingredients that are supported by scientific evidence to help ramp up your training frequency.

Hunter Test

If you are looking for something a bit extra, a supplement that can support your progress across multiple dimensions to produce a more confident and powerful you, look no further than what Hunter Test can provide.

Military Muscle

If you want to be the best performer out there and the most competitive in every arena then Military Muscle has got your back. The recovery rate from hard, arduous training has been slashed, so it means I can get back in the gym or out on the hills quicker than ever.

Military Muscle has helped me achieve more success than anything else on the market.


Hunter Test is formulated for the gentleman who wants to succeed on multiple levels. By improving their physical performance, relationships and business.

TestoFuel is more focused towards physical development.

Military Muscle is for hardcore trainee’s who cannot compromise on anything less than the best.

Best Hunter Test Deal

best hunter test deal


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