What YOU Need To Know About Supplements // Avoid The Scams

What YOU Need To Know About Supplements // Avoid The Scams

Have you ever tried picking a multivitamin?

There’s literally thousands of different options and brands. Plus there are often the in house brands from the store you are buying them from.

It is the same for supplements across the board. However, sometimes it is a little easier to distinguish quality between brands with items such as pre workout supplements and protein powders.

The amount of times I have been farting like a twat while in the gym or just during the day because of a certain brand of protein shocks me to this day.

You can also read the many reviews I have carried out on pre workout supplements to see that many just simply do not offer the benefits that are touted.

You can read about the best pre workout supplements, here, and save yourself a bit of time.

I have also bought multivitamins in the past expecting a full plethora of minerals and vitamins to help my body perform optimally to discover there were only 5 ingredients.

To say I was disappointed was an understatement and it just goes to show how vigilant you must be when purchasing, often expensive, supplements.

So, before you actually drop any dollar on that product, be sure to read the label, and be sure to know what you are looking for and why it is necessary.

A little bit of prior research will help prevent that flapping and overwhelming feeling in the drugstore, often not helped by the sales assistant who, obviously, wants to sell you something for bonuses or commission.

It is also important to realize that supplements and vitamins are not meant to replace a healthy, balanced diet, but, just to top you up and ensure your body receives all of its needs.

Making sure you have the correct intake of vitamins and minerals can help ensure that you do not fall foul to chronic diseases such as obesity. They can ensure you feel fit and healthy as well as reduce those trips to the doctor for illness such as cold and flu.

Therefore, allow us to give you a little further insight ion to what you need to look for.

Multivitamins act as a health pension for your body

If you want to lead a full and healthy life with minimal healthcare costs a multivitamin can help you with this.

Even if you are a healthy eater, there may be cases whereby you miss out on some minerals or vitamin.

In which case a multivitamin acts as a back up to ensure you are covered.

It is important to remember when you exercise a lot and sweat you lose a lot of minerals through your perspiration. This is also the same if you have been on a drinking session and need to replenish all of your lost vitamins and minerals through urination.

Always remember that a multivitamin can help but it isn’t a replacement for a good quality diet.

I tend to supplement my diet with a a tablet that dissolves in water so I can be sure I have some fluids first thing in the morning.

Don’t take more than necessary

In this day and age, we are told bigger is better.

We eat more, drive big cars and everything is just getting bigger…including people’s waistlines.

However, when the packaging says 4 tablets over the course of the day do not take 8.

Stick to the recommended doses specified…they have been tested and are there for a reason.

This way you can minimize waste and money. If your body already has all of the vitamin C it requires it will just pass the additional via your urine.

Plus, too much of some vitamins and minerals could cause problems. This is evident in calcium supplements which can cause artery plaque over long term use.

Don’t rely on brand names

Having tried and tested many different supplements I can tell you now that you cannot rely on brand names or heritage.
Some of the most poorly performing supplements have been from well known brands steeped in history.
It is important to understand which ingredients are effective and which are not. Also be very aware of the ingredients panel.
We go through each individual ingredient when we review products and then find the relevant scientific and academic studies to demonstrate how beneficial or not the ingredient is.
However, sometimes our help is not always to hand.
In which case it is a good idea to know which ingredients you need in the product and start scanning the labels.
What many people do no know is that many supplements will be manufactured in the same facilities regardless of brand so it pays to scan and compare.
You can then save money and be safe in the knowledge that you have bough tan effective product.

Some products are third party tested

Some companies have their products batch tested by independent parties to ensure that the quality is maintained.

This is reassuring and more companies should adopt the practice. It has been in the news for too often with reports of protein powders not providing nearly as much protein as advertised.


This is a massive concern for the customer who may sped lots of money each month on powders to ensure they can consume the required amounts for protein for their their muscle building goals.


If you are worried, as many are, it may pay to find a brand that offers third party batch testing. You may have to spend a little more but you will know the quality is there.


In a world now where drug testing is rife, some companies also have accreditation’s with bodies such as Informed Sport to ensure that their products are screened for banned substances, this means that professional athletes can use the products without risk of flagging up any issues when they are tested.

Protein powder use

You may already find that you consume enough protein in your diet without the need to spend lots of money and chugging shakes throughout the day, especially if this means you will not eat proper meals due to feeling full.

However, if you are using it, protein is beneficial to have in the morning and it is also key to ensure you bu and use a high quality protein that is batch tested for quality and will help spread the use of the protein throughout the day.Do note that your body can only absorb so much protein at once so do not go chugging a shake with 100’s of grams of protein because your body will just secrete what is cannot use.

Possible interaction

Sometimes certain supplements do not mix well with other supplements, medications, alcohol or even a cup of tea.
Furthermore, even some green leafy vegetables can make the absorption of calcium less effective.
So it is important to be fully aware of what you are taking with what as to avoid interactions that may not be entirely beneficial.
There could also be risks involved if the user is pregnant or suffers from high blood pressure. There are ingredients found in many fat burners such as Yohimbe which can cause cardiovascular issues which could lead to death.

We’re all unique

We are all different. The way one particular medicine or supplement works for one person may not have the same effect on their neighbor.
Our bodies are all unique and can react very differently to what we consume regardless of human and animal testing.
You may be deficient in one mineral compared to your brother/sister, parents or friends. However, giving your body more than is required of a particular vitamin or mineral will not give you a greater edge over someone who has not go that deficiency.
Even if your friend has experienced great results using a supplement do not be completely alarmed or too disappointed if you do not see similar results, your body is just reacting differently to the ingredients.
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