Need More Power And Confidence? Want To Be A Leader? You Need More Testosterone!

Need More Power And Confidence?  Want To Be A Leader?  You Need More Testosterone!

A study by a Harvard psychologist says that “…High power alpha-males in primate hierarchies have high testosterone and low cortisol…”25708B7200000578-0-image-m-9_1423346620499

And that the way we even present ourselves whilst in social situations or interviews can actually alter our hormone balance in the brain and make you feel more confident.

Dr. Amy Cuddy suggests that by adopting a power pose which will take up more space than usual and make you look bigger can make you feel more confident, more powerful and less stressed out.

This stance was apparent and captured by many photo’s of George W. Bush and Tony Blair as they were together rampaging around the globe ‘liberating’ all and sundry!

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Amy also advocates stretching your limbs as far as they will go and making your body as big as you can as soon as you wake up.  Perfect advice for those wanting to gains muscle and might!  I am starting to warm to Amy already!

The two key hormones affected by high power poses and making yourself appear much bigger are testosterone – the ‘dominance hormone’ –  which will make you feel confident and more likely to take risks and cortisol – the ‘stress hormone’ –  which will make you stress reactive to situations.

Amy did some research and found that those people who adopted a wide stance for example over a period of 2 minutes had a 20% increase in testosterone levels!

I think it is time to strut around like John Wayne…


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