New Oral Testosterone Therapy Drug Declared Safe

New Oral Testosterone Therapy Drug Declared Safe

The most common ways to administer testosterone therapy is either by injection, a gel that is rubbed on to the skin and tablets. However, the latter, although probably seen as the most convenient comes with the most potential issues.


Oral testosterone tablets can play havoc on your liver because they inhibit the excretory functions of the liver. More specifically, the more liver toxic a steroid is, the more it inhibits the production and flow of bile from the liver. Bile salts are known as the liver’s cleansing agents because they carry away toxins and flush them into the intestines for excretion. If the bile flow is restricted in the liver, then the liver can’t rid itself of toxins. When the liver loses its ability to excrete toxins, it creates a buildup of toxins throughout the entire body.

However, there has now been a breakthrough with a novel oral testosterone formulation which in trials over 12 months is seen to be safe and tolerable.

Other side effects normally associated with oral such as acne, headaches, liver enzyme increase, fatigue and hypertension all diminished.


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