SARMs: Ostarine – What Is It Like? Is It A Steroid Alternative?

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SARMs, Receptive Androgen Modulator. What are they all about?  Well there’s plenty to read about them on the internet, be it online forums or scientific papers. But what do they do? In fact, are they even genuine?

Well I can only go by what I experienced, and if you are interested you can make a judgement yourself.

There’s a lot of hype surrounding SARMs, they’re supposedly the next big thing, offering mild steroid like gains without the negative sides.

I’ve tried a few things, all of it legal in my locality from Prohormones to an oral steroid known as Anavar.

Now oral steroids are more toxic to the liver than injecting, but I ain’t going down the injection route.

I had found good gains using Epistane, nothing really noteworthy using Anavar and a bastard of a headache using a non-methylated compound known as Tren Rebuild. I’ve also used Episterone, which if I am being completely honest, I bought by accident.


And, again, Epistane is the stand out product of all of them. But what of the new wonder drug?

Well, fuck all really. I felt no changes, no difference, no strength increases, no fat loss, no aggression. It did however, make me puke up after a night out drinking. Without fail I would be spewing my guts up the next morning, in fact it gave me the worst hangovers ever.

I am fully ware that no alcohol should be drunk while cycling on products like these but this is real life, parties happen, drinking sessions after a rugby game happens, wine with dinner in your favorite restaurant happens. Reaping the benefits of a mild steroid while experiencing no side effects definitely did not happen I am afraid.

Thankfully it is cheap, unlike Anavar which definitely is not cheap.

Want an oral steroid? The most effective for me has been Epistane.

Still unsure? Is it not legal in your locality? You may wish to use the strongest testosterone boosters on the market.

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