BOSS Workouts | Online Workout Guide Review

BOSS Workouts | Online Workout Guide Review

With gyms seemingly always full (when you want to go), personal trainers being either expensive, unavailable or not very good has brought a gap in the market for cost effective workout guides.

This particular offering from BOSS offers videos, easy to use plans and it is devised by experts with the relevant qualifications making it the perfect home gym supplement.

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Can a BOSS Workout program replace a personal trainer?

Let’s take an impartial view of the BOSS Workout guides from Roar Ambition.

We would all like a personal trainer. The ability to have someone talk us through a proven plan of exercises to help us build more muscle and cut fat.

A personal trainer can motivate and educate. They can get the best out of us to ensure we can achieve our fitness goals.

However, it is not just about a plan of exercises. There is nutrition and lifestyle to take in to account.

Again this is where a personal trainer can advise. They can offer the full range of training.

Personal trainers are also expensive. They can charge between $50-$100 per session!

They can also be inconvenient. Only able to fit you in to a tight schedule that may not work well around your lifestyle and diary.

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This is where online workout plans can help!

Have you noticed the popularity of online workout plans? You probably have, that’s why you are here.

Yet, many workout plans are just that. They give you a number of exercises to do and a time frame. Simple.

But that isn’t replacing a qualified personal trainer!

I am looking to find the best online plans that cover everything:

  • A tailored plan
  • Nutrition
  • Timeline
  • Goals
  • Inspiration/motivation

That’s a pretty big list, and quite a big ask.

However, if you want to get the best from your training you need to incorporate every element.


There’s no point working hard at the physical side if your nutrition and lifestyle is terrible.

To run a high performance car, you need high performance fuel and components.

So we need to couple every element together for the best results.

This way we have the complete and full service that fits around us, and our schedule, not someone else.


Convenience is a major part of this. Lifestyles are changing.

Working hours are becoming less regimented and flexible. Your training can be the same!

The struggle of trying to get to work, drop the car off at the garage while picking the kids up from school should not affect your training.

You no longer have to work around Chad down at the gym which is a 15 minute drive away.

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Is there a valid alternative to a personal trainer that is as flexible as your diary?

This is what I want to find out.

I feel I am the perfect candidate for trying out a full training and nutrition plan.

I’m in my mid-thirties, have a couple of jobs, training to join the Army Reserve Force and have a relationship to juggle.

While I have been training since my early twenties it has definitively become stale.

I have hit some great PB’s in the past, that I have found difficult to replicate, or achieve again.

There’s no real plan written down, no real goals and little time or equipment to use. Plus gyms can get busy at certain times.

Thus I need a workout plan that can work around my life and my current circumstances.

BOSS workout personal trainersWhat’s already available?

There’s plenty of information available on the internet: Lot’s of instructional videos how to perform a star jump, circuit training and dead lifts.

However, they are not personalised to you and your age or body type.

Nor is it conveniently packaged in to one program with the full nutrition guides or channelled progress.

It takes lots of research; trawling through videos, forums, nutritional guides, research papers and that’s if it is actually written and formulated by a qualified professional.

Qualified nutritionists and those schooled in the human physique is imperative to avoid injury.

There is no point just following the training routine of the biggest, juiced up monster in the gym.

As a natural gym goer, you will never be able to replicate the performance and more importantly the recovery of those who are using anabolic steroids.

Following routines used by drug users can lead to injury and fatigue which will hamper your progress. This can be disheartening and completely put you off.

What do BOSS Workouts claim to offer?

boss workout guide packages


If you can spare 12 weeks, just 3 months, BOSS workouts claim to provide you the means to achieve the body of your dreams.

Now, they only provide you the means to work for the body of your dreams.

You do not pay them some money and it miraculously happens. This is not plastic surgery.

But this is not just one generic workout plan.

There are four to choose from:



This program is there to help you cut fat through and advanced workout and diet plan.


If you are looking get that distinct and sculpted body to turn heads at the beach, this is the one for you.


Already confident and experienced with weightlifting but progress has tailed off? This is the plan to get back to your best.


Want shirt filling muscles? Hit up the advanced muscle building and diet plan from LEAN MASS.

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So that’s the four programs that you will have access to.

Each online workout plan covers the main areas that people want to build on.

All plans have a precise diet and nutrition plan to fuel your ambition and achieve your goals within 12 weeks.

While all at the convenience of your diary and schedule to ensure that you can maintain your important work/life balance. 

The plans are exclusive and not available anywhere else, they are available at any time, for life, on multiple devices accessible by the dashboard.

It’s a one off payment, not a subscription.

Nor are you attached to a personal trainer, with feelings of not wanting to drop them and affecting their income.

Emotional ties can be hard to break, even if you are not seeing results.

This one off payment is much cheaper than weekly PT sessions.


Each plan has been devised and structured by qualified professionals with extensiveLee Bell BSc (Hons) PGCE MSc background qualifications in personal training and nutrition with university degrees.

For example, one of those involved in the design of the plans is Lee Bell of

Lee is a lecturer and educator with a wealth of qualifications and is currently undertaking a PhD at Sheffield Hallam University.

Furthermore, the plans are presented by established trainers with a wealth of experience.

These trainers are able to convey the message clearly to ensure you can get the most from the plan.

It’s like having your very own mobile and personal trainer ready at your convenience.

Each plan has been formulated to be as efficient at changing your physique in the shortest possible time.

Every plan is offered in three stages, to guide you through the best possible way to reach your goals.


Where can I buy the BOSS WORKOUT plans?

Head over to their website at where you can purchase the programs directly.

They accept credit/debit cards plus PayPal and Amazon payments as well.

Each program is $90 for lifetime access.

Once signed up you will have access to your exclusive dashboard with all of the programs and materials available to browse.

These programs are accessible online via a phone or tablet, so your personal trainer is always with you.

However, one thing to note is that you cannot download any of the videos, so ensure there is WiFi available and that you have a sufficient data package and signal.

Plus, these days it is not uncommon to see people in the gym with mobile devices, so do not feel odd.

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What’s the next steps?

I personally fit the bill for the BOSS PRIME program.

This program is designed to offer an intensive and effective route to help me regain:

  • Energy and vigor
  • Cut fat and build muscle
  • Reclaim libido
  • Destroy the competition

This particular program requires the least mount of equipment, so is probably ideal for those who have a basic home gym set up, or workout in times when it is busy at the gym.

I will chart my progress week by week to see if there are any physical and strength differences.


BOSS Workouts

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  1. I’ve been using the boss shred plan before my vacation and really liked it.

    I got some good results.

    Rating: 4

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