PRIMASURGE Testosterone Booster Review

PRIMASURGE Testosterone Booster Review

I am sat here delaying the inevitable, in the office and there’s a long walk home in the rain. It’s a depressing thought, especially as I drive home and my jeans will be all damp and squeaking on the leather seat (an executive Scandinavian no less).

Another inevitability is a decrease in the amount of testosterone you produce as you age, this lack of testosterone has been linked to heart and circulatory problems in older gentlemen and obviously, it is also the reason why you feel less energetic, lose muscle mass and feel lethargic.

Thus, it is a great idea to help stimulate as much testosterone production by your own body.

Anabolic steroids will provide lots of synthetic testosterone but it can stop your own body from producing it, it is illegal in some parts of the world and there’s a myriad of potential unwanted side effects to gamble with.

First Look:

It’s definitely masculine, but not in that cheap and dated way that many companies still seem to hang on to.

I like that it is 100% natural and the capsules are perfect for vegetarians. It looks professional and like any quality and modern sports supplement does.

There is no proprietary blend either or artificial fillers to bulk out the product.

All-in-all, it looks like a product I would consider and take a harder look at when browsing through the supps store.

Ingredients: The Scienceprima2


As already mentioned, there’s no proprietary blend but only 6 ingredients which is a little disappointing if I a being utterly honest.

However, if there’s some excellent compounds included in good dosages that would be better than unproven ingredients.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients:

Longjack (Eurycoma Longifolia) – is a pro-fertility agent and aphrodisiac that appears to have a large body of evidence supporting this role and some evidence suggesting it may be an anti-estrogen and pro-erectile agent.

Although there’s some research to suggest it may increase testosterone levels in animals and humans it is pretty lackluster which doesn’t bode too well.

Ashwaganda –  Treatment with the Ashwagandha root extract resulted in a higher level of testosterone and a concomitant increase in serum levels of LH among infertile men having sub-optimal testosterone levels.

Safed Musli Extract – There is limited evidence for the claims that this raises testosterone levels but in recent testing, a dose of 500mg for 12 weeks increased semen count significantly, there was a slight raise in testosterone but not by a great deal.

Primavie (Shilajit Extract) – This is a fulvic acid found in the Himalayas. Actual medical research is low, it has been banded around for years in the East though.

It seems it can help boost the immune system, fend off lethargy and also assist with altitude sickness.

It seems there is no harm in taking it and it seems to have a fair amount of benefits, and has been noted to increasing testosterone levels in infertile men but as there has only been one human study it is unsure whether it will increase testosterone levels in fertile men.

This can be found in the lowly scoring MuscleTech TEST HD and Ergodrive.

On other thing to note is that there is a warning in place for shilijat due to the amount of additives being added to supplements and in some cases metals have been found, as such sales are now banned in Canada due to concerns.

Boron – Boron is great for the older lifter or those doing high weight low rep work as it helps to reduce inflammation, something that is found in PrimeMale, which I am a fan of.

Also proven to increase test levels.

BioPerine – Is included to act as absorption agents to make the most of the vital fat burning ingredients.


3 pills per day – this amounts to 1800mg of ingredients daily which is not far off being a half of what is offered in the best testosterone boosters.

3 pills isn’t too bad as a dose but 4 pills per day is better to avoid peaks and troughs of the ingredients to take full effect.


A bit of a mixed bag a there are effectively only 4 elements to this product that are included to increase test levels.

Bioperine and Boron are to aid absorption and reduce inflammation.

The problem lays with the testosterone boosting ingredients, which seemingly only increase levels in infertile human subjects (by not a massive amount) and there’s been very few studies on humans.

So it is hard to prove whether or not this will be useful for everyone.


There’s very few ingredients included in this product, the dose is all wrong and the amount of ingredients you would take per day (as recommended) is only 1800mg – this is less than a third of our #1 testosterone booster!

The ingredients are a bit ‘leftfield’ and while there is evidence the ingredients can increase test levels it appears to be only on a particular group of people.

One of the ingredients is also causing alarm bells due to widespread contamination and there appears to be a daily shortfall of 125mg of Safed Musli Extract to be effective.


There’s a real lack of evidence from a broad cross examination of people proving that this will increase testosterone levels.

Those increases found have not been significant and may not even register for guys who have a ‘normal’ testosterone level.

Therefore, I feel it is a real gamble to use this product and would suggest other products.

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