*REAL TALK* Training Mistakes Most Guys Do

*REAL TALK* Training Mistakes Most Guys Do

There’s so much discussion on the internet about what steroids, growth hormones (GH), ProHormones and SARMS provide the most gainz and also masses about training, in particular over training. I fact I am sure most people spend more time trying to find the how to train for the least amount of time but for the biggest results.

In terms of working out, the quickest and most effective pathway to size and strength are compound lifts. These tried and tested multi-joint exercises hit the most muscle groups and also stimulate natural growth hormones, it is widely documented that these simple and basic lifts are an excellent platform to build your foundations. Yet, people will discuss for years about a ‘new’ way of stimulating more growth by performing X, Y and Z whilst they’re gassing, other guys are getting bigger and stronger actually working out.

This is the same for training schedules. Now, people seem more worried about losing their gainz from training too much. But what is too much? Surely everyone is different…10 beers to one guy maybe just a regular occurrence, whereas 3 may play merry hell on someone else. It is the same with training, just because one person is only able to train legs once every two weeks it should not stop you training legs twice per week if you can.

People like to talk more about what they’re going to do rather than actually doing it and it’s the same for training. But what did the pro’s do? Do they sit around discussing all and sundry? No, they crack on, hit the gym, have a schedule that they know works for them and listen to their body.

‘Over-training’ is for schmucks who do not want to train. Lee sums it up pretty well.


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