What You Vitamins You Should And Should Not Combine

What You Vitamins You Should And Should Not Combine


In the USA alone the vitamin and nutritional supplement market is worth around 36USD.

Many of us use supplements to either improve performance or just to ward of illness.

However, the benefits could be in vain if they are consumed with the wrong drink, food or even when combined with other vitamins.This is because some ingredients found in foods or supplements can effect the absorption of certain vitamins.

You may not even realize this as you throw a couple of pills down your neck and washing them down with something as innocent as a coffee or cup of tea.

Zinc & Iron

For instance, the wonderful Green Tea which can help you lose weight and is found in many good fat burners contains tannins which may actually have a detrimental affect on the absorption of other ingredients or nutrients.

Drinks such as coffee or those loaded with Caffeine like cola or energy drinks have been found to reduce the absorption of Calcium.

However, it has to be noted that while Calcium supplementation may be able to increase testosterone levels, long term use may cause artery plaque.

So while it is beneficial to have calcium in your diet when taking it in supplement form it can cause issues in itself, but if taken with a cup of coffee it would render it as useless.

The tannins found in tea can also affect the absorption of iron as well, not to mention Calcium.Yet, on the other hand, orange juice can increase the absorption of iron.

It isn’t just relevant to drink either, foods have an impact too.

Spinach can have a negative impact on Iron and Zinc absorption when consumed at the same time in a sitting.

Iron and Zinc seem to have problems being absorbed by quite a few other foods such as spinach, pulses, beans, seeds and whole grains down to phytic acid and due to oxalic acid found in the spinach, rhubarb and parsley these minerals will not be absorbed.

Not content with just that, add copper along with your daily dose of Zinc and they both compete making each null and void.


While it may seem all doom and gloom, particularly for the aforementioned minerals, there’s a shred of good news.

A number of vitamins are fat soluble such as A, D, E as well as K. As such these can be taken with foods that contain fats as this increases absorption rates.

Omega-3 fatty acids should also be taken with food too to increase absorption.

For a morning energy boost, try taking B vitamins first thing as they help increase energy production.

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