Ways To Deal With Testosterone Depletion

Ways To Deal With Testosterone Depletion

When low testosterone strikes many guys are completely unaware of why or where the symptoms of decreased muscle mass, changes in cholesterol levels, weight gain, low sex drive, and many others have appeared from. It can hit all men hard not just physically but mentally too.

It makes it mark most apparent when a man reaches 40, however, testosterone levels start to decrease when men hit 30 years old! The best course of action is to slow this rate of progress down and recognize the symptoms early on.

Lose weight: Weight gain is one of many symptoms of testosterone deficiency. In fact, obese and overweight men show lower levels of testosterone than men in normal weight range. It’s only logical that very first thing you should consider is burning some fat and losing weight if you are particularly out of shape.

Avoid plastic bottles: BPA or Bisphenol-A is a synthetic chemical found in various plastic containers and it leaches out as it’s heated.

In fact, BPA is considered one of the biggest contributors to lower testosterone levels. The Environmental Science and Technology study showed that 89% of urine samples from men who visited a fertility clinic contained BPA which didn’t only affect their testosterone levels but thyroid stimulating hormone as well.

And, we all knew coca-cola tastes better from a can or glass bottle!

Lift heavy weights: Big compound lifts stimulate more growth hormone, so keep doing them as they build monumental strength and muscle. A great way to get back and keep in shape.

Manage stress: Mental and physical stress has a big impact on your testosterone levels. Stress increases cortisol levels thus suppressing the body’s ability to produce testosterone and utilize it within tissues. Take up cycling or again smash some heavy weights to clear your mind and release endorphins which make you feel great.

Reduce sugar intake: Eating sugar decreases your testosterone levels; this is because sugar increases insulin levels that have a negative effect on testosterone. Therefore, if you’re looking to improve testosterone levels, you should avoid that hazelnut syrup in your latte tomorrow morning.

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