5 Signs Of Low Testosterone You DIDN’T Know About // Urgent Reading

5 Signs Of Low Testosterone You DIDN’T Know About // Urgent Reading

There are many common signs of low testosterone that are talked and read about often.

In fact the slightest bit of fatigue and increase of belly fat creates a catalyst of ‘low test’ diagnoses from gym buddies to even your mother in law these days.

When actually you have been up all night watching Netflix eating Cheetos…but it’s a hormone imbalance, yeah?

As we get older though, these things happen naturally as our testosterone levels drop.

So the notion that old men are grouchy, tired, lacking muscle and energy is all to do with our hormone levels.

However, there are other, less common signs that we need to look out for too.

These are nothing to do with feelings of energy, sex drive or even physique…

It has to be noted that testosterone plays a much higher role within the bodies processes than most of us are aware, testosterone levels have consequences on many other areas of out health.

Bone Mass

It is not until either a man or a woman suffers a bone fracture do they realize that their bones are weakened.

Low testosterone levels affect bone density but it is a hidden problem, you are rarely unaware of it until an accident happens.

One way to combat this is to lift weights and perform compound exercises such as the squat and deadlift.


10 years of studies have found that early mortality rates regarding cardiovascular issues have a strong link to low testosterone levels.

Again, a hidden danger that you may not become aware of until it is too late.

Numbing Of The Genitals

Now, do you feel numb inside?

If you are a serial killer it’s obvious that this isn’t a testosterone issue for you, but if you are not a serial killer and you actually feel (or don’t feel) numbness around your body and particularly the genital area this could be down to  a low level of testosterone.

Dermatological Issues

If you have dry skin this could be a signal that you have low levels of testosterone.

A study found that of those male participants who had lower testosterone levels were affected by psoriasis.

Cognitive Health

Sometimes the only way people become aware about cognitive challenges is when they are notified by someone else.

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It seems that older men who have higher testosterone levels also fare better on cognitive reasoning.

Higher levels of testosterone during mid-life have been linked to a preservation of brain tissues.

A study which placed male participants under testosterone deprivation showed that their visual motor skills suffered as a result.

What Next?

There are ways to naturally increase and maintain high and healthy testosterone levels, be it through exercise or nutrition, however, both together will offer the most benefits. You can read more about that here.

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